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Terms & Conditions of Sale & Purchase for Online Transactions

A. Price & Goods description

A.1 All price lists, advertising matter or similar materials issued by SELLMOBILES.ONLINE are indicative only as to the range of Goods available from time to time and information contained therein shall not be binding on SELLMOBILES.ONLINE.
A.2 SELLMOBILES.ONLINE reserves the right to amend quoted prices and delivery charges at any time prior to invoice.
A.3 The responsibility for ensuring Goods suitability and/or compatibility remains solely with the customer of his/her requirements.
A.4 The Customer hereby acknowledges their sole responsibility to ensure that they have the relevant compatible accessories, suitable power step-downs, equipment, software, display devices and relevant machinery or otherwise needed to safely connect the Goods to power supplies, mains power, batteries and other devices.

B. Payments

B.1 All devices sold to SELLMOBILES.ONLINE usually paid full on the day of receiving. In rare cases it can be delayed if the descriptions selected wrong by customer while submitting request. It is always better to select honest descriptions while submitting the order to avoid delays in processing payments.
B.2 For purchases payments must be paid full in advance to get the orders on time.

C. Testing of Goods

C.1 While SELLMOBILES.ONLINE will make every effort to look after Goods sent by customers for test, they are sent at their own risk.
C.2 Goods that fail test or are rejected by SELLMOBILES.ONLINE for purchase will be held for fourteen days. It is customers duty to pay for the goods to get it returned by arranging their own return service or payment of £20 would be required for getting them returned (Only if it is customers fault for selecting wrong description while submitting the order, it would cover our free postage cost and return cost).
C.3 Goods not collected after 14 days may be disposed of by SELLMOBILES.ONLINE at the expense of the customer.

D. Condition / Grading Descriptions

It is most important for every customer to read the descriptions before submitting the order to avoid any delays in payments or avoid return charges.

D.1 Excellent Condition

D.1.1 Device is Brand New or Like New won’t show any signs of use visible at screen or arms length.

D.1.2 There won’t be any scratches, cracks or scuffs to the screen or casing visible at an arms length.

D.1.3 It has been fully tested and is in full working order with box and accessories.

D.2 Good Condition

D.2.1 Cosmetically the device will show signs of use.

D.2.2 Including some minor scratches to the screen and casing or equivalent.

D.2.3 It has been fully tested and is in full working order.

D.3 Faulty Condition

D.3.1 Cosmetically the device will show or will not show signs of use (Excellent to Good Condition)

D.3.2 One or more parts needs replacements like; Loudspeaker, Ear-speaker, Microphone, Battery, Back Covers etc etc. The phone turns on and still works with one or more than one faults.

D.3.3 The price displayed is the minimum we offer without checking the device, but if the fault is minor and easy to fix, then it can be quite higher or close to the Good priced offers.

D.3.4 Samsung screen burns we pay half of excellent or good price subject to checks.

E. Extra Expense caused by the customer’s default

E.1 If customer fails to select the right description while processing the order, there would be £20 return charges(that will cover free postage and return cost only payable if customer want their devices to be returned without any reasonable agreement) and it must be paid full to get the devices returned.

E.2 If SELLMOBILES.ONLINE incurs any costs (including storage charges) as a result of the Customer’s neglect or default, the Customer must pay those costs in addition to the contract price.

F. Offer Revisions

F.1 There are possibilities where customers fail to select right descriptions while submitting the order request. If the wrong description is selected, for example; “if the handset is Locked to UK network(only applied to Apple devices) like Vodafone/O2/EE or any other UK network in that case please do not click on “Unlocked” option, just chose “Locked UK” option. Also if there are some scratches on the device then it wouldn’t come in “Excellent” condition in that case please select “Good” condition”. We’re not here to loose customers obviously we love our customers and for avoiding any misunderstandings it is always better to choose the right option in offer price to speed up things and get paid instantly.”

In such situations, we will always communicate first to our customers with picture or video evidence to prove the mistake. After that even we’ll give two options to get returned (£20 payable return charges by customer) or revision offer to avoid any misunderstandings. We always do our best to pay highest possible prices for our customers

G. Delivery

G.1 We usually offer free Delivery on all orders with proof of signature.
G.2 Late delivery of goods does not entitle the customer to do any of the following:
(a) Reject the Goods
(b) Terminate the contract
(c) Withhold payment of any part of the contract price

H. Returns

H.1 Upon purchase of Goods SELLMOBILES.ONLINE shall issue the Customer with a receipt that is proof of purchase.
G.2 All returns must be accompanied by proof of purchase for the Goods concerned.
G.3 Secondhand Goods sold by SELLMOBILES.ONLINE are covered by 14 days peace of mind guaranty (on all items purchased) from the date on the proof of purchase or signed for upon delivery unless clearly stated at the time of purchase. This does not affect your statutory rights.

I. Quarantine (100% Deduction)

I.1 Devices will be checked against CheckMend the following results will render your device in quarantine

  • Currently Blocked
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Subject to an insurance claim
  • Possible Counter fit
  • Possible Clone
  • Still on contact
  • Subject to an outstanding finance agreement
  • These devices will be held for 30 days for the quarantine issue to be resolved. If the issue goes unresolved then the devices can only be retrieved by the Police or the rightful owner.

J. Blocked/Blacklisted Products

J.1 We use the CheckMEND crime protection database for due diligence checks and to ascertain the legal ownership of the device. We are unable to process devices which do not pass our due diligence requirements, this may be because the device has a report against it that it is not in the possession of the legal owner.

J.2 Upon receipt of your device, we will check the IMEI against the CheckMEND database and in the case of a device failing the CheckMEND test, we will email you in order to give you the opportunity to contact CheckMEND to discuss your options.

J.3 We will not pay for devices that fail a CheckMEND test and we are legally obliged to retain the device. We will hold a device failing a CheckMEND test for 30 days and after this period, if the device still fails the CheckMEND test, we will dispose of it in line with our legal obligations.

J.4 In the case of a device being reported to CheckMEND as network blocked AFTER your device has been sold to us and we have made payment to you, we will report it to the Police and start proceedings to recover the monies paid to you.

K. Data Security

K.1 We cannot be held liable for the safety, security and confidentiality of personal data. It is your responsibility to transfer and delete any data from your device prior to sending to us.

K.2 Upon receipt of your device, if you have not already reset it, it will be done so here in order to protect your personal information. We advise that you reset the device yourself prior to sending to us as we can not be held responsible for any errors and/or faults which occur on the device during the resetting process. Please also note that if you decide that you don’t want to accept our final valuation price and have your device returned, all data previously on the device would have been removed.

L. Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones and Devices

L.1 Selling a mobile phone or device which you do not own may amount to a criminal offence. SELLMOBILES.ONLINE adhere to the ‘Stop Stolen Mobiles Being Recycled’ code of practice set by the Home Office and the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit.

L.2 We will check the IMEI/Serial number of all mobile phones and devices received on the CheckMEND (www.checkmend.com) database of lost and stolen property records to ensure no lost or stolen items are purchased.

L.3 If a mobile phone or device is found to have a record that indicates it has been lost or stolen or we become aware of any other issue relating to its ownership, we will notify the seller by email and quarantine the mobile phone or device for an initial period of 28 days (“the Quarantine Period”). Payment for the mobile phone or device will be withheld by us until the CheckMEND record does not show the mobile phone as stolen or lost.

L.4 In such circumstances you will be required to contact CheckMEND to prove that you are the rightful owner of the mobile phone or device and have the lost or stolen records associated with it cleared within the Quarantine Period and/or resolve any other issue relating to its ownership.

L.5 If during the Quarantine Period the mobile phone or device is cleared on the CheckMEND database and any other issue relating to ownership of the same is resolved, your sale will be processed and paid for as normal.

L.6 However, where the mobile phone or device is not cleared on CheckMEND within the Quarantine Period, we will be required by law to hold onto the mobile phone or device, pass it to the Police or other law enforcement body or dispose of it, and by entering into this contract, you expressly agree to this action. You will not receive any payment if such steps are taken.

L.7 UK legislation states that we cannot under any circumstances return or pay for a mobile phone or device which is lost, stolen or recorded as such unless endorsed in writing by CheckMEND and by such you agree to pay any return costs involved.

L.8 If you have received payment from us for a mobile phone or device which we subsequently become aware of an issue relating to ownership, you agree to immediately reimburse us in full, within 3 business days following a written request by us, for any such payment pending an investigation by us or any law enforcement body into ownership of the device or mobile phone.

L.9 We shall be entitled to set-off any sums properly due and owing to us under any contract made between you and us incorporating these terms and conditions against any sums owed by us to you under the same or any other contract between us. We will inform you in writing of any set-off carried out by us pursuant to this provision.

L.10 If we at any time become aware of any issues relating to the ownership of the mobile phone or device, you agree to co-operate with us fully with a view to resolving the issues. You may also be contacted by the Police and/or other law enforcement authorities.

L.11 We may disclose seller details to the Police or other authorised bodies (such as, but not limited to, network operators and insurance companies) for the purpose of investigating or preventing a crime. By entering into this contract you agree to us supplying data to the police or other authorised bodies for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime, arrest and prosecution of offenders or for the recovery of stolen property.

M. Red Flagged mobile phones/devices

M.1 We will check the status of all mobile phones/devices received against the National CheckMEND database (using the unique IMEI number).

M.2 If your mobile phone/device is found to have a red flag by CheckMEND, it must be quarantined for 28 days whilst its status is reviewed. The mobile phone/device will have a red flag if it has been registered as lost, stolen or barred/blocked on the CheckMEND database.

M.3 If you are advised that your mobile phone/device has a red flag against it, you will need to contact CheckMEND in order to review the status of your mobile phone/device. You will be advised of the procedure required by email from us. The purpose of the quarantine period is to allow the rightful owner the opportunity to have the red flag removed in order that the mobile phone/device can be processed appropriately.

M.4 If, during the quarantine period the red flag is removed, your mobile phone/device will be processed and paid for in accordance with these terms and conditions and will not be returned.

M.5 However, if after the quarantine period has expired the red flag has not been removed then we are required by law to dispose of it and you will not receive any payment. UK legislation states that we cannot under any circumstances return the mobile phone/device during this 28-day period unless the red flag has been removed.

M.6 If we become aware of any issues you will be required to co-operate with the authorities and we reserve the right to withhold or cancel the payment.

M.7 “Lost, Blocked or Stolen phones” are phones that have been reported as either lost or blocked or stolen as recorded in any of the stolen asset registers maintained by CheckMEND at http://www.checkmend.com/geo/index.php.

M.8 “Fake” phones are counterfeit phones which are manufactured to resemble products made by another company in beach of Copyright.

M.9 SELLMOBILES.ONLINE will make no payments to customers for phones received which are either “Lost, Blocked or Stolen” or “fake”.

M.10 SELLMOBILES.ONLINE reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities if there is any suspicion that there is a deliberate attempt to perpetrate a fraud. SELLMOBILES.ONLINE reserves the right to reclaim any money paid to the consumer or business if it is discovered within three months of the return of that phone that the phone has either been reported lost blocked or stolen by the seller of the phone, or the phone is discovered to be a “fake”.

N. Proof of ID requirement

N.1 It is illegal to sell any devices if the customer legally do not own them or they’re not their property. SELLMOBILES.ONLINE has full right to request for the proof of Photo and address IDs to process the orders. If customers fails to provide these proofs, in such situation devices cannot be returned / no payments would be processed and it can be reported to Police where it found doubtful.

N.2 We do need proof of photo ID and address.
N.2.1 For proof of photo id you can send passport or driving license.
N.2.2 For proof of address any utility bills water bill, bank statement, electricity gas etc.

N.3 It can be acceptable either scan or just a picture with the mobile phone, as long as the text is readable, it is acceptable.

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